International Students in GUFL from Thailand Siam Technology College Visited Guangxi Cultural Heritage Center

International Students in GUFL from Thailand Siam Technology College visited Guangxi Cultural Heritage Center

Recently, after trips to the Confucian Temple Museum and Guangxi National Museum, teachers of International Education School in GUFL continued to organize the international students who were from Thailand Siam Technology College to visit Guangxi Cultural Heritage Museum,which aims to help students to get an in-depth experience of Chinese national culture.

During the visit, international students try to ware Hanfu (a kind of traditional Chinese clothing). They visited the landmark building - Copper Drum Tower first. They understand the ancient architectural culture of Guangxi better after that. Then they were interest in porcelain culture when they were watching the blue and white porcelain and faience. Finally, they appreciated China's calligraphy and painting in Cultural and Art Exhibition. After this visit, they all fell in love with Chinese culture deeply.

 Grop Photo at the Gate of Guangxi Cultural Heritage Center

International Students` Hanfu Photo