Alumni who Start up Business in Thailand Return to GUFL

On 11 February,2019, delegation of alumni who start up business in Thailand Zhang Yang, Pang Fei, Mo Liusu, Huang Liyu and Xu Jiaming return to GUFL to visit alma mater, express thanks to Chairman Ms. Zhu Guiling and give the best wishes to their alma mater GUFL.

They said they miss the time when they studied in GUFL and the teachers who taught them and took good care of them at that time. They will work hard in Thailand to return GUFL.


Alumni Visiting School History Hall


Taking Photo Like go Back in Time


Taking Photo at School Gate


Having Class Like go Back in Time



Visiting New Scenery Europe Style Town



Having Dinner with Chairman Ms. Zhu Guiling



Taking Photo with Chairman Ms. Zhu Guiling