The First Calligraphy Art Exhibition of GUFL International Students

On March 28, 2019, the first calligraphy art exhibition of GUFL international students was held in the school library hall. This exhibition showed 35 calligraphy art works which are consisted of 5 kinds of different font. Under the guidance of Prof. Pan Liyuan and Tutor Guo Guangsheng, international students narrated their understanding of China and Chinese calligraphy with their writing brush.


Calligraphy Works

Prof. Pan Liyuan Teaching

Prof. Pan Liyuan (Right) & Ms. Yang Fang (Left)

Prof. Pan taught students by individualized teaching method, he spoke highly of the study attitude and passion of GUFL international students. Many excellent works ware showed on the exhibition, which makes international students feel the unique charm of Chinese calligraphy fully.


Interviewing International Student

Group Photo