Representatives of Teachers and Students from Guangxi University of Foreign Languages Attended the Ceremony of Luo Yue Grandmother King's Sacrifice in

The third lunar month is a traditional festival of many nationalities in China. Among them, the Zhuang nationality is the most typical. In ancient times, young men and women of the Zhuang nationality gathered in the streets to sing and gather for a feast by the river. In the legend of the Zhuang people, the third lunar month is the birthday of the ancestor of the Zhuang people, Buluotuo.

At 10 a.m. on April 6 2019, the annual Luoyue Ancestor Worship Ceremony was held in Luobo Cultural Square of Luoyue Ancestral Temple in Wuming. As a co-sponsor, Guangxi University of Foreign Languages sent more than 30 Representatives of teachers and students from School of Literature to Wuming to assist in the work related to the ceremony.

The ceremony first started with dances and drums. The ceremony was attended by more than 4000 leaders and representatives of various departments in Beijing, Nanning and Wuming, and more than 100,000 people attended the ceremony and temple worship. Xie Shouqiu, chairman of the Luoyue Cultural Research Association of Guangxi, presided over the ceremony.

Student Representatives Perform Ceremonial Duties

Student Representatives Presented Flower Baskets to Luo Yue's Grandmother King

Teacher and Student Representatives Incense to Luo Yue's Grandmother King

Residents of nearby villages offered various elaborate offerings to Grandmother King, and the whole ceremony became an exposition of creative works of art for the masses.

This year's Luoyue Ancestor Worship Ceremony highlighted the theme of enhancing national cultural self-confidence, focusing on the first degree of Chinese civilization Luoyue rice culture. We were deeply impressed by the variety of programs in the parade team, glutinous rice food and the mascot of the Year of Pig.

Representatives of Foreign Students Participate in the Parade of Luo Yue's Grandmother King

Representatives of Foreign Students Interviewed by Journalists

Representatives of Teachers and Students Experience "Thousands of Banquets" of Temple Fair Folk Customs

After the ceremony, the student representatives expressed their full experience of the charm of Luoyue culture and deeply realized that as a contemporary college student, we should have firm cultural confidence, inherit and carry forward excellent traditional culture, and truly become the mainstay of national revitalization.

Group Photo

Through this volunteer service activity, it not only broadens the international horizon of teachers and students, deepens the understanding of various national cultures, and combines volunteer service with students' majors, but also improves students' professional application ability.