International Exchanges Seminar was Held in GUFL

In April 12, 2019, under the organization and arrangement of Zhang Yunzhi, Vice Director of International Exchanges & Cooperation Office, the international exchange seminar of GUFL was held in the Meeting Room 412 of Teacher Development Center in GUFL. Vice President Song Yafei and the Vice Dean of 9 Secondary Schools including Hu Huimin, Yan Hui, Lv Guoqing, Lu Huan, Chen Qian, Huang Lanchun, Zhong Minghui, Liang Jiashang, Huang Dandan. 

At the beginning of meeting, Mr. Zhang Yunzhi made a brief introduction and summary of international exchanges work of GUFL. Then he pointed out the  development orientation and main work on international exchanges of the coming semester. Vice President Song Yafei gave a further guidance on international exchanges work according to the 8 Indexes of University Internationalization Evaluation published by the Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education. 

Vice President Song Yafei Speeking

Vice Director Zhang Yunzhi Speeking

At last, Vice Deans discussed about the future international development of each Secondary Schools. The seminar decided the orientation and implementation plan of the internationalization development of our school in the coming academic year and promoted the internationalization development of our school from the top level.

Vice Deans Speeking