School of Euro-American Languages & Cultures Carried Out Practical Training Activities in Yangshuo, Guilin for Students

In mid-May, School of Euro-American Languages and Cultures organized English (International Trade Direction), Spanish, French, applied French and applied Spanish majors of Grade 2017 to carry out foreign language proficiency practice activities in Guilin and Yangshuo. Practice projects mainly include foreign language simulation tour guide, scenic spot culture publicity survey report writing, comprehensive practice results presentation video recording three projects.

The purpose of this training is to enable students to exercise their communicative and organizational abilities, increase their knowledge, enrich their experience and broaden their knowledge in a real language environment.

In the process of training, through interviews and discussions, the students further grasped the basic knowledge of English communication, developed good language communication skills, and let the students test their ability to communicate with foreign friends in English, further understand the western culture and cross-cultural communication, and recognize their own shortcomings. This has greatly stimulated the students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, and will be of great help to students' future learning.

The practice of foreign language ability in Guilin and Yangshuo not only improves students 'practical ability, but also highlights the school's characteristics as a base for training foreign language talents in Guangxi, a new highland for cultivating applied talents in Southeast Asian languages, and an entrepreneurship and employment incubator Park in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.