The 2019 Graduation Ceremony

On the afternoon of June 28, the Graduation Ceremony and Bachelor's Degree Awarding Ceremony of the 2019 Graduates was held in GUFL. Board leadership, party and government leaders, representatives of Majeo University, all graduates and parents, middle-level cadres and teachers attended the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

Chorus "Me and My Motherland"

Board leadership, Party and Government Leadership and Team of Teachers

President Meng Lizhen, Chairman Zhu Guiling, Secretary of the Party Committee Lu Shihong, Teacher Representative Zhang Haifan and other faculties of GUFL made speeches in the beginning of ceremony to deliver wishes to graduates. Student representatives made speeches to thank for their teachers and memory their campus life in GUFL for three or four years. Li Shaoyun, an alumni representative and president assistant of Krirk University in Thailand, also made speech to encourage students to contribute their strength to China's open education.

President Meng Lizhen Making Speech

Teacher Representative Zhang Haifan Making Speech

Alumni Representative and President Assistant of Krirk University in Thailand Li Shaoyun Making Speech

Outstanding Graduates Delegate Tian Yanan (Thai Students) Making Speech

Outstanding Graduates Delegate Xie Ning Making Speech

Secretary of the Party Committee Lu Shihong Making Speech

Vice President Song Yafei Hosting the Ceremony

Vice President Zeng Shengchuo Hosting the Ceremony

Leaders Issue Certificates to Graduates

 Chairman Zhu Guiling Making Speech

After that, the host introduced the situation of the graduates in 2019. The Academic Degree Committee issued the diploma for the graduates and offered the bachelor's degree ceremony for the students who obtained the bachelor's degree.

Members of the Academic Committee Issue Degree Certificates and Give Bachelor's Degree Ceremony to Graduates

President Meng Lizhen Give Bachelor's Degree Ceremony to Graduates

President Meng Lizhen and Graduate

Graduates and Parents

Group Photo