Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation—Class Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 International Students was Held in GUFL

Representatives of International Students and School Leaders

On 29th August, a class opening ceremony for grade 2019 foreign students was held by GUFL International Educational School. Over one hundred students from Thailand, Vietnam, India and other countries gathered together, celebrated the beginning of their colorful study life in China.

 Class Opening Ceremony

Vice President Prof. Song Yafei, Dean of International Education School Prof. Lv Zhiia, Vice Director of International Exchange Office Zhang Yunzhi, Vice President of Literature School Liang Jiashang and Vice General Party Secretary of Literature School Chen Hui jointly attended the class opening ceremony.

Vice President Prof. Song Yafei Speaking

Vice President Song firstly gave a warm welcome to the foreign students. She hopes that international students will cherish the opportunity and study hard, improve their Chinese ability and level, understanding Chinese culture meanwhile promoting excellent traditional Thai culture, and finally become the emissary of Sino-Thai cultural exchange. Under the premise of expand international vision and acquire international resources, studying abroad is an good opportunity to enhance social abilities. Hoping that the foreign students can walk out their classroom and take an active part in the colorful extracurricular activities, so as to improve one’s ability through diversified activities.  

Vice President Song Yafei Sending Gifts to the Teachers From Thai

Representative of international students, Ye yaan was speaking at the ceremony. Ye Yaan expressed her feelings when she come to GUFL. She found that teachers and students all so warm-hearted and always willing to help. She was touched by the enthusiasm and the sincerity of our teachers and students, those uncomfortable feelings of study and live in a foreign place have gone. At last, Ye hopes that all the foreign students enjoy a rich and pleasant life in GUFL.

Group Photo of International Students in the Campus

At the class opening ceremony, Hostess Wang Yudan gave a brief introduction to the foreign students of our beautiful school -- Guangxi University of Foreign Languages, and also sharing some wonderful life and study pictures of previous foreign students.

Photo of International Students in the Campus

GUFL vigorously promoting the process of international schooling, and signed exchange collaborative agreements with over 68 universities in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Malaysia and some other countries, enrolled over 1,200 foreign students and sent over 4,000 to cooperative universities for study , among them enrolled over 1,200 Thai student to study and work in GUFL, sent over 3,000 GUFL students to cooperative universities, receive courses and social activities, training lots of language personnel for the construction of “One Belt and One Road” and the social and economic development of Guangxi Region. The international influence and acknowledgment of GUFLhas gradually improved.

Photo of International Students in the Campus