Delegation of Children International Summer Village(CISV), Thailand Visited GUFL

On 25th October,the delegation of Children International Summer Village(CISV), Thailand visited GUFL. Prof. Lv Zhijia,Dean of International Educational School and Literature School, Zhang Yunzhi,Vice Director of International Exchange Office, gave a warm welcome at the 101 meeting room and discussed the cooperation.

Visiting the Independent Language Learning Center

Visiting the Calligraphy Class of Thai Students

The Vice Director of the International Exchange Office Zhang Yunzhi, gave an introduction of school running ideas, features, advantages and the current international developmental strategy of GUFL to the CISV delegation.

CISV Delegation(Left)and Calligrapher Prof.Pan Liyuan (Right)

The CISV delegation make an introduction of their history,missions and programme to Zhang and Lv, and their also expressed the hope that cooperate with GUFL,promote the friendship between China and Thailand and make a modest contribution to world peace.

Having Meeting

Lv Zhijia introduced the training program for international students, relevant courses and colorful practical activities customized for international students to the delegation of CISV. Lv Zhijia said CISV program is meaningful and he is looking forward to the progress.

The Calligraphy Class of Thai Students

After the meeting,they exchanged gifts and taking group photo.

Exchanged Gifts and Taking Group Photo