Speaking Cambodian, Living to Sell National Products --GUFL Student is in vogue in Cambodia

Today we would like to share a famous anchorman in Cambodia--Wen Shenyuan from GUFL.


Wen Shenyuan

Wen Shenyuan is a student majoring in Cambodian in Class 1701 of Southeast Asian Languages & Cultures School. According to the 3+1 personnel training mode of Cambodian language major of GUFL, he was exchanging studied in Royal University of Phnom Penh in September, 2019. There were up to 70,000 fans follow him after he showed a group of portrait photo of Cambodia traditional costume. Then Wen Shenyuan to be a anchorman to living to sell Chinese local specialties like Luosi Rice Noodles of Guangxi, Flower Cake of Yunnan, Jinhua Ham of Zhejiang, Little Hotpot of Chongqing. He also sells special agricultural products of Cambodia to Chinese customer. 



Wen Shenyuan was interested in language learning when he was a child. So he made up his mind to choose a foreign languages university to study foreign language after the College Enter Exam. After investigating, he knew the languages majors are the dominating major of GUFL, especially the Southeast Asia languages like Thai, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Cambodian. The employment situation of the minority language majors of GUFL is well. So he choose Cambodian according to his interest.


GUFL Morning Reading Project


Wen Shenyuan said, he was benefit a lot from the GUFL Morning Reading Project when he study Cambodian in GUFL. Every morning, students practice reading and dialogue in the campus. It really helps to improve the listening and speaking abilities. That`s why his oral Cambodian is good.


Prepare for Living 

Thanks to the 3+1 personnel training mode of Cambodian language major of GUFL, he has a chance to study abroad in Cambodia, which broaden his international vision and provides an immersive Cambodian learning platform for him. Speaking Cambodian fluently is important when he living to sell produces. So he thanks to alma mater to cultivate him. He wants to tell the junior fellow students of GUFL to study languages hard, go abroad to broaden vision and make their dream come true. 

 Living to Sell Produces