GUFL MBA Open Online and Offline Class

Having Class

Affected by the global epidemics of COVID-19, the 61 students majoring in MBA of Grade 2019 and 2020 cultivate by GUFL-Payap University cooperative project.

Online Class

According to the progress of study, GUFL has developed six courses for MBA students, including "Marketing", "Management Accounting", "Leadership and Organizational Behavior", "International Business Management", "Business Administration Seminar", "Communication and Image Shaping in Organizations". Since the class beginning, all teachers have carried out on-site teaching, and used the Dingding platform to carry out teaching living and lectures. Teachers share course PPT, course videos and other learning materials through various channels such as QQ groups and WeChat groups. Teachers arranged homework and tests to ensure that students can grasp the content of course effectively and timely.

Group Photo of Teacher and MBA Students

During the course, the students interacted with the instructor online and offline actively. They formed a study group to participate in the discussion and feedback of various cases, and atmosphere of the online and offline classroom were active. For this flexible teaching method, students have expressed their recognition.

Group Photo of Teacher and MBA Students