Delegation of Campbellsville University Visited GUFL

On the morning of September 18, 2020, a three-person delegation including Guo Hao, Director of the International Affairs Development Office of Campbellsville University, Zhang Zhuo, General Manager of China Office and Vice President of Tsinghua Zijin Education, Wei Ye, Coordinator of China Office Visiting GUFL. Chairman Dr. Wei Qian, Vice President Professor Song Yafei, Chief of Administrative Affairs Department Ma Yanping, and Vice Dean of the Education School Cui Jianlei and other leaders warmly welcomed the guests and had a meeting in the Conference Room 412 of the Faculties Development Center.


Having Meeting


At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Dr. Wei Qian expressed a warm welcome to the guests and looked forward to the international cooperation in the field of early childhood education.


GUFL Delegation

(Right: Chairman Wei Qian; Middle: Vice President Song Yafei; Left: Vice Dean Cui Jianlei)


Guo Hao, Director of the International Affairs Development Office, gave a detailed introduction of Campbellsville University and its dominant early childhood education-Montessori Education. He said that the purpose of this visit is to cooperate with GUFL in the master program of early childhood education to help the students majoring in early childhood education improve their academic level and receive professional and advanced early childhood education-Montessori education.

Regarding the learning mode of early childhood education programs, Zhang Zhuo,the deputy general manager of Tsinghua Zijin Education, said that Tsinghua Zijin Education is the platform of Campbellsville University in China. We can use online + offline modes to have master courses of early childhood education.


Delegation of Campbellsville University

(Right: Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhuo; Middle: Director Guo Hao; Left: Teacher Wei Ye)


      Chairman Dr. Wei Qian discussed the source of students for this program with the guests.


Group Photo

Vice President Song Yafei expressed the hope that the delegation of Campbellsville University hold a seminar for GUFL students majoring in early childhood education to help them  understand this program. After the meeting, Vice President Song Yafei presented commemorative gifts of GUFL to guests. Two parties took a group photo.


Vice President Song Yafei Presented Gift to Director Guo Hao

Vice President Song Yafei Presented Gift to Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhuo

Vice President Song Yafei Presented Gift to Teacher Wei Ye


During the class, a delegation from the University of Cumberswell came to our school of education to give a detailed lecture on the project to the students majoring in early childhood education. The students asked questions and showed a keen interest in the promotion.


Director Guo Hao Gave a Lecture Students


Teacher Wei Ye Gave a Lecture to students